Fr. Mike Bertram homiliesSunday Homilies from your pastor - Fr. Mike Bertram, OFM Cap.
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The Gospel says that we need to hate our mother and father and family in order to be a disciple of Jesus. “Hate” was the word used in the Gospel. That sounds pretty harsh. I looked up the meaning behind that line and found that the evangelist Luke is emphasizing the total dedication to Jesus that is necessary of the true disciple. He doesn’t actually mean to hate our family members. But he’s trying to make the point that Jesus must be Number 1 in our lives if we are going to follow him.

Homily / June 6th, 2021

This is my Sunday to address you about raising money for the new Parish Center. [Gary / Jaime and Patrina] spoke to you a couple of weeks ago about St. Francis as home. And that is so true. There is another description that I will add, and that is family. What draws people here to St. Francis is the experience of family that they find here. Many parishes will say that about themselves. But you truly live it. Look at us: white, black, Latino, LGBTQ, some well-off and some struggling to make ends meet, children and young adults and elders – we are all family.

Hoy me toca a mí, hablarles acerca de la recaudación de fondos para el nuevo Centro Parroquial. Jaime y Patrina hablaron con ustedes hace un par de semanas atrás acerca de la Parroquia de San Francisco como hogar. ¡Y que tan cierto es eso! Hay otra descripción que yo agrego, y esa es familia. Lo que atrae a la gente aquí a San Francisco es la experiencia de familia con la que se encuentran. Muchas parroquias lo dirán acerca de si mismos. Pero ustedes realmente lo viven. Míranos: blancos, afroamericanos, Latinos, comunidad LGBTQ, algunos con dinero y otros luchando con sus finanzas, niños, adultos jóvenes, los ancianos – todos somos familia.