Sunday at the meal program is coming this Sunday: November 6

Please bring potatoes scrubbed, but not poked, to the kitchen by 1:00 p.m. Baked meatloaf, desserts, salad, should arrive ready to serve by 4:30. Canned green beans can be brought in commercial can sizes or Don can buy them through his vendor and the money for them can be donated to Capuchin Community Services via a check indication 1st Sunday Meal in the memo.

All St. Ben’s parishioners are encouraged to be vaccinated this fall for both COVID and INFLUENZA to decrease the risk of severe
disease. The COVID booster and the INFLUENZA vaccine can be taken at the same time.

It still is advisable to wear a well-fitting mask while attending mass at St. Bens. Although COVID cases are now lower, masks help decrease the spread of COVID and INFLUENZA to our older, more vulnerable parishioners. If you are not feeling well, you are encouraged to participate in our Sunday mass on ZOOM rather than coming in person.

On behalf of MICAH and WISDOM and the Solitary Confinement Workgroup, I want to extend our sincere thanks to you and to the community at St. Ben's for your hospitality this weekend, and for hosting this leg of the "Solitary Confinement Challenge."

The place was perfect. Lots of people saw us from the street and stopped by to check it out. It also made it handy for Sheriff-to-be Ball and Judge Dugan to come by to do their time in the cell. St. Ben's was also handy for the many, many Marquette students who stopped by, including the 5 who actually did the hour.

Cast Out Your Nets – A Guide to Catches of Faith is the theme for the upcoming workshop/retreat at the International Schoenstatt Center from November 18-20. All women of the parish are invited to come and discover small helps to fill the net of your heart with hope and joy!

Last spring, St. Ben's participated in this historic Synod. We are now beginning to see the results from across the US. We will gather together to reflect on what our parish heard and learn more about the broader themes in our nation. Please join us for this thoughful and engaging conversation.  

Thurday, October 20th • 7-8PM • via Zoom

Together, we may gain some clarity about ways we can respond.