1) Back packs (k to 12)
2) Lined paper
3) Typing paper
4) Ink pens (black, blue, red)
5) Pencils (regular and mechanical)
6) Pencil pouch
7) Erasers
8) White out
9) Composition books (variety of colors)
10) Folders
11) Index cards
12) Pencil sharpeners
13) Crayons
14) Glue sticks
15) Calculator

You can help by:

  • Financial donations.
  • Fabric donations of yarn of polar fleece (no scraps please).
  • Lap robes that you have knotted or crochet or Polar fleece blankets that you have knotted.
  • Prayers for the project and our parishioners.

For details speak to Charlie Neuman or Camille Shaw or call Camille at 414 475-5124, cell 414 510-6378.

As our world experiences heat waves largely driven by climate change, our U.S. Senate’s ambitious solutions to address climate change have fizzled. Pope Francis and many Catholic Church leaders support legislative efforts that reflect our moral call to care for creation. As people of hope, we continue to pray and ask in faith that the U.S. Congress will still act to pass climate legislation before the midterm elections. The St. Ben's Faith Community and the Capuchin Community Services have joined other Catholic institutions in signing onto an Open Letter organized by the Catholic Climate Covenant to all members of Congress asking for robust climate policy....before it's too late.

If you enjoy working with children and are looking for a way to make a lasting difference in a child’s life, this could be the perfect volunteer opportunity. Volunteers give approximately two hours, one day per week during the school day, to help students enhance their reading skills. Each tutor works one-on-one with the same three students throughout the school year, so meaningful relationships can develop. It is a rewarding experience and a beautiful way to live our faith.

Beginning in September 2022, volunteer tutors are needed at the following Seton Schools:

  • St. Catherine (51st and Center St.)
  • St. Rafael (S. 32nd St. and Lincoln)
  • St. Margaret Mary (92nd and Capitol Drive)
  • Catholic East (N. Murray Ave. and E. Greenwich Ave.)
  • Northwest Catholic (N. 41st and Good Hope Rd.)

Training, materials, and staff give volunteers the support they need to succeed. If you would like to learn more, and register, please go to: tinyurl.com/setonreadingtutor

In keeping with a long-standing custom, we take up no collection so as not to embarrass folks who can’t give. To help meet our expenses, however, you are invited to use the collection boxes at the doors.

You may also mail your donation to: St. Benedict the Moor Parish 930 W. State Street Milwaukee, WI 53233 or donate online via PayPal

Thank you for your continued support of St. Benedict Parish and its ministries.