On behalf of MICAH and WISDOM and the Solitary Confinement Workgroup, I want to extend our sincere thanks to you and to the community at St. Ben's for your hospitality this weekend, and for hosting this leg of the "Solitary Confinement Challenge."

The place was perfect. Lots of people saw us from the street and stopped by to check it out. It also made it handy for Sheriff-to-be Ball and Judge Dugan to come by to do their time in the cell. St. Ben's was also handy for the many, many Marquette students who stopped by, including the 5 who actually did the hour.

It was also good to be able to talk with a lot of people coming for Mass and/or the meal program. Finally, and not least, because of the location, a lot of formerly-incarcerated people saw us and stopped by. I think they were pleased to have people to listen to their stories, and to know that somebody cared.

Final quick thanks to Terri Sherman for helping to make this arrangement. I think the event served its purpose -- one little step on the road to justice.

David Liners WISDOM