Message from Fr. Mike concerning Coronavirus outbreak

Dear friends,

We talk about Lent being a “journey”. Our experience of the Coronavirus pandemic has also been a journey. It is an uncertain journey and one that continues to get more serious with each passing day. In the midst of this uncertainty, I have found moments of hope and inspiration in the words of people like you – in your phone calls, your emails, your Facebook messages. I encourage you to listen carefully to the people who are around you for the wisdom that they bring to us, often unknowingly.

We take so much for granted. This is a time when those simple pieces of our life mean so much more to us. One such example is the voice of a friend or family member. With the relationship we have with them, their voice alone is a source of comfort and strength, especially as we practice social distance. I was taken aback by a young man who texted me to say that he and his wife “just want to see your face and hear your voice, along with the familiar faces of the parish.” Make it a point to call someone at least once a day just to touch base and ask “How are you doing?” I called my doctor today simply to leave a message telling her that I’m praying for her, as medical staff people are swamped and in the thick of this pandemic like no one else.

I’m also sending you a reflection on Sunday’s Gospel. If we can’t be together, this is another way of at least joining together in prayer. It is not my reflection. As Sunday’s Gospel is that of the man born blind, I turned to Michael Dante and asked for his particular thoughts on this Gospel, given his own physical challenges when it comes to sight and vision. I think he did an excellent job. I hope you find thoughtful reflection in it as I did.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And call if you are in need of anything that I or the parish might be able to provide.                                                                                                                         
-  Fr. Mike