This women's group meets 11am-1pm usually on 1st Friday of each month.  In September, St. Ben's Women's Reflection Group will meet in person on Tuesday, Sept. 27th at the usual time of 11:30am in the Eckert Room. 

Our book discussion group meets the 2nd Sunday of the month before liturgy.  

This group is focused on personal growth and development of a spirituality of nonviolence & meets monthly before liturgy, on the 4th Sunday of the month.

Christ freely gives us his grace in abundance through the Sacraments.

Whether you are an adult or teenager, there are many pathways that bring people into relationship with Jesus and His Church. We'll help you find the right path for you. 

A monthly Blessing of the Sick, takes place 2:00 pm the first Friday of each month at St. Francis of Assisi.   Confession is available beforehand starting at 1:30 pm.